Friday 15 May 2009

The woolly blog-trotting begins (blog 1)

Great excitement here in woolly land. Three of the Flutterby flock are packing their bags and preparing to go blog-trotting.


Chalky is using a little woolly hat to carry his travelling essentials.


Charcoal has his things in a red and white knitted hankie tied to a stick, 

and Lilac is kindly lending Rose her lurex bag. Lilac isn't travelling with the others, she prefers to remain at home and guard the flowers (especially the yellow ones).
Blogland is a huge place, but the woolly threesome seem undaunted by the trip. Looking at the map most places seem to be just a hop, skip and jump away.
Their first visit will be to America where fabulous Fred with his beautiful curly coat is waiting to greet them at
Ivory Blush Roses

Rose the sheep is looking forward to seeing the lovely crazy quilting done by Fred's creator Lisa. Do take a look at these little works of art whilst you are visiting.
What fun! Where will be next?