Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Finding Daisy (blog 3)

After several happy days spent with their woolly cousin in Tasmania the blog-trotting threesome are again on the move. This time they are heading for Cats & Quilts in Belgium where Sabine always has lots of creative craftwork to show us. Sabine's little sheep named Daisy is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her three cousins.


Daisy the sheep has placed a little flower on a map of Europe to show the woolly travellers where she lives. She says she will be waiting for them inside a big ring of daisies. I hope they can find her.


The friends measure the distance from Tasmania to Belgium with a length of yellow wool. It looks a very long way to travel. But they are not deterred and set off in search of suitable transport.


Charcoal finds a discarded plastic bottle and climbs inside, he thinks it might carry them across the ocean.


Chalky and Rose find a net bag that once held fruit in the supermarket. It might make a blanket to keep them warm inside the bottle.


The three friends consider the possibilities of travelling to Belgium using a net bag and an empty bottle.


Suddenly Chalky discovers something green and rubbery with a hole in one end. Being an inquisitive sort of animal he puts his nose into the hole and immediately the rubbery smell makes him sneeze an enormous sneeze .... and ..... well, you might be able to guess the rest!


Several more giant sneezes into the green rubbery thing and a balloon slowly takes shape. A plan is hatched. The net bag is quickly wrapped round the balloon.The bottom is cut from the bottle to make a plastic basket and pink wool ropes join net to basket. And there it is... the chums have made a perfect little hot air balloon (or should that be 'hot sneeze' balloon). Chalky wastes no time in climbing into the plastic bottle basket with everyone's luggage. There's not much room inside. 


Rose gets in beside chalky and confesses its a bit of squash and suggests that Charcoal might like to remain in Tasmania. But Charcoal disagrees and quickly squeezes in beside the others. Suddenly a gust of wind makes the balloon wobble and they're on their way.


"We're off to Belgium!" shouts Charcoal excitedly as the balloon starts its ascent.


Higher and higher it goes.


Up, up and away


This is the last picture I received from the intrepid blog-trotters. It shows a crumpled net bag, a burst balloon and an empty bottle basket. But as this sorry sight is nicely placed inside a ring of daisies I remain hopeful that the sheep will have arrived safely with their new friend in Belgium!
To be continued.......