Thursday 21 May 2009

Following the woolly trail (blog 4)

The Flutterby flock had a really fun time with their cousin Daisy in Belgium but sadly it was soon time to say goodbye and continue their blog-trotting tour.

After collecting their belongings the woolly threesome found a colourful woolly trail and decided to follow it. On and on and on it went. They were just beginning to think the trail would never end when round the corner they were greeted by a fluffy old ram who was standing amidst a tangled heap of colourful wool.


"Greetings all. Welcome to my woolly-muddle rug shop" he said.


"Can I sell you a rug? They are very comfortable to sit on and you all look like you need a rest".


There were some lovely rugs for sale, and they did look very comfortable.


Sitting on the largest rug the three sheep showed the fluffy old ram their map and told him they were walking to North Carolina in the USA to visit their cousin Billy at Cats, Crafts and Penguins. A red woolly arrow marked the place where they were heading.
"You can't walk to America from Belgium" the ram laughed, "it's much to far. How will you cross the ocean?"
But before the sheep could answer and before any further discussion could take place, the large rug began to wobble and shake and .....


....all of a sudden the three friends, still sitting on the rug, found themselves airborne and travelling higher and higher into the night sky. They were soon flying as high as the clouds and the ground was a long way below them.


In his excitement foolish Chalky took one step too close to the edge of the rug and slipped. He held on as tightly as he could but was slowly losing his grip. His two friends rushed to help him but he was disappearing fast.


Quick thinking Rose took a woolly rope from her handbag and Charcoal hurriedly tied one end round his friend's front legs.


He heaved and heaved on the woolly rope but Chalky was a heavy sheep and Charcoal couldn't drag him back onto the rug.


Suddenly Chalky slipped further and was swinging too and fro. Charcoal edged perilously closer to the edge to take a look, he could just see his friend hanging below. Taking an enormously deep breath Charcoal gave one huge tug on the rope and.....


.... suddenly Chalky's head appeared over the edge of the rug, then his front legs and then his body. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief as a very frightened Chalky was dragged back onto the flying rug.


Very shaken from his fall he lay quietly and rested.


As the rug sped ever onward the woolly threesome sat side by side. Where was the rug taking them? Was it carrying them to see their cousin Billy in North Carolina?


Meanwhile, it's my birthday this weekend and on my doorstep this morning I found this scruffy little brown paper parcel addressed to me. I immediately recognised the chalk writing and the pink wool (from Rose's handbag). Tucked into the wool was a little rolled-up map of the USA.


This is it. The red woolly arrow points to the State of North Carolina.
I won't know what is inside the parcel until my birthday but it smells deliciously like Belgian chocolate!!