Wednesday 18 June 2014

Squirrel knitting patterns

Knowing that some of you are keen to know when I introduce new knitting patterns I thought I'd better pop in and let you know that I've been busy designing and knitting squirrels during the past couple of weeks.

Similar to some of my rabbit patterns but with big fluffy tails.

This is Pinny Fuzzytuft, a very helpful stitching companion. Pinny will hold your pins in her skirt and apron, scissors under her arm and your thimble in her little acorn-cup basket.


Next are the Fuzzytuft Twins

These plump little rascals are quick and easy to knit. Only 10cm tall they are an ideal size for little hands to hold.

The knitting patterns are being sold to raise much needed funds for the Westmorland Red Squirrel Society which works to assure the survival of Britain's endangered red squirrels in and around the Lake District. The society now has its own Etsy shop named Fuzzytuft. All patterns can be found there and hopefully there will be more soon!

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