Saturday 15 January 2011

Little Dolly update

I've given many of my dolls a companion and this little lady was feeling left out as she didn't have one. And so I made her a tiny Baby Bunting doll to cuddle.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend. We are having continuous wind and rain here in the UK but thankfully it is snug and warm indoors and I'm looking at gardening books!!

Monday 10 January 2011

Little Dolly

Greetings friends. It's been a while since I fluttered by and I confess not a great deal has been happening here at the 'patch'. As it's horribly dull and wet today, and taking photos would be impossible, I thought I'd show you the dolly I've just finished making. But first, a little verse that I'm rather fond of.

Tabitha Meg has a head like an egg,
And her body is short and squat.
Though her legs are thin and her hair is straight
She's the beautif'lest dolly I've got.

She's a kind-of-a, sort-of-a homemade doll,
And a birthday gift for me,
For my Granny is clever at things like that,
And 'Tab' is her work, you see.

I shall always love my Tabitha Meg,
And when I am old and grey,
I shall keep her safe in a cardboard box,
And give her a cuddle each day.

Whilst creating new characters I like to imagine the many knitters around the world all putting a great deal of love into making little dollies for children.

Inspiration for my latest little girl came from the drawings my daughter did when she was very small, and so I made her with tiny tots in mind. She's very easy to knit and extremely huggable with a 'soft as a pillow' body. Her arms, legs, hat, hair and eyes are all firmly stitched on. Should she enjoy plenty of jammy kisses and falls from the baby buggy then she would be washable (with care) in warm soapy water. The knitting pattern for her is now in my Dollytime Etsy shop.

The very last thing I add to a dolly is cheek colour (in this case done with a beeswax crayon). I thought I'd show you pictures of before and after rosie cheek treatment. Just look at the difference it makes.

Dolly has now taken on her own personality and this little girl is very definitely a rascal. See what happened when she found my box of coloured pencils.

Thank you for dropping by today. Over the past few weeks I've watched on TV the many disasters and weather events that have occurred around the world and I sincerely hope you have not been badly affected by any of them. Wishing you the Very Best for 2011.