Wednesday 29 February 2012

A new arrival

I've been keeping quiet about this little bunny baby as I wasn't sure how long it would take me to finish her. But I've persevered and today I was able to introduce her to everyone in the playroom. She's a bit of a rascal as you can see, so I knew I'd need several dollies to keep an eye on her. . . . . . . I wondered if there would be any volunteers

"Who will volunteer to look after this bunny baby?" I asked.

I think this picture speaks for itself.

I'm guessing the little rascal will be thoroughly spoilt by everyone.

If you know anyone who would love to give this little bunny a cuddle and you'd like to knit her then you'll find the pattern (which includes the basket crib, pillow and blanket) in my Dollytime Etsy shop. The link can also be found in my blog sidebar.

Friday 24 February 2012

Playroom chaos

As spring approaches and days grow longer, the playroom seems to grow ever more chaotic. Playthings are strewn everywhere and everyone is looking forward to spending happy hours in the garden.

My complaints and requests for some tidying to be done fall on deaf ears and Lucy Lavender is more than happy to point out the dolls best friend . . . a large Minnie Mouse who tells me 'mess is best' or words to that effect.

 I hope the sun is shining for you in your part of the world.
Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Fern and Flora - new dolls

Two new little dolls arrived in the playroom today.

The sun had been smiling on us all afternoon and the little sisters had decided to go for a walk in the wood to search for flowers to pop into their tiny baskets.

Not surprisingly their baskets had remained empty as our woodland flowers have yet to bloom.

So who were these little girls?

They both made a polite curtsy and introduced themselves as Fern and Flora.

But it is only February and surely much too cold for the two sisters to return to the wood. Kind Tilly was the first to ask if they'd like to live in the playroom with the other dolls. Fern looked very pleased with that suggestion.

At which point Kate couldn't resist giving little Flora a big welcoming hug.

In no time at all the newcomers had made themselves at home and were surrounded by lots of smiling friendly faces.

I've always loved Waldorf dolls with their plump cheeks and tiny noses but have never tried making a knitted version, until now. Fern and Flora are the result. Inspired by the Waldorf method of shaping heads, these little dolls have a shaped knitted inner head that is covered with an outer head.

If you are not familiar with the way Waldorf dollies are created then this method might sound complicated. But my step by step pattern is easy to follow and there are plenty of pictures to guide you. However, if creating chubby cheeked dollies in this way isn't for you then you can follow the same pattern and simply omit the head shaping (details given in the pattern).
You will find the pattern for Fern and Flora in my Dollytime Etsy shop

Sunday 5 February 2012

Boots and birds

There was much excitement in the playroom this morning as the shiny red wellies were hurriedly taken from the cupboard and all because . . . . .

. . . . . . snow had fallen overnight.

The dolls only have one pair of wellies to share between them and whenever these boots put in an appearance everyone wants to try them on.

But of course they are much too big for the tiny dolls.

And they are just a bit too big for the medium sized dolls

And although they are almost the right size for Lucy Lavender

she needs the tiny dolls to help her walk.

Fortunately everyone knows that these boots will be just the right size for Posy and she is able to walk perfectly in them. And so Posy was chosen to be the doll who would brave the snowy conditions in order to put extra food on the bird table.

Standing on a chair she was just able to reach the bird table and when she'd filled it with bread crumbs and seed the hungry birds began arriving.

It was too cold to stay outside for long and the snow-covered wellies were left outside on the doorstep.

Posy returned to the playroom where the tiny dolls were waiting with her cosy warm slippers

And then it was time to identify the hungry birds that arrived looking for food.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting by a warm fire and am pleased to say my latest dolly is beginning to take shape so I will hopefully have more news about her fairly soon.

Until next time