Saturday 16 May 2009

More about the globe-trotting sheep (blog 2)

It seems the woolly threesome are having a great time globe-trotting from blog to blog.


Yesterday they visited America and have now headed off to another destination.


This morning's post brought a postcard from New Zealand and I guessed this was to be their next stop. But I was wrong! The sheep were heading for Little Jenny Wren in Tasmania which is a beautifully picturesque island south east of the Australian mainland. Visitors to this blog will find the sweetest dolls, all lovingly made by Jenny. The woolly sheep who lives with Jenny has made special friends with a little dolly named Beth who is soon to be travelling to her new home in Canada. How exciting!


Meanwhile, back home in England, Lilac the lamb found Tasmania on her map and immediately wondered how her friends were going to travel there from New Zealand as there was such a lot of water to cross. If only she'd known!


Foolishly the woolly threesome had rented a raft and headed off (at night) across the wide ocean. By the look of it the voyage was a rough one.
Thankfully I can tell you that they have all arrived safely at Little Jenny Wren's blog and wasted no time in meeting their new Tasmanian cousin and his pretty dolly friend Beth who gave each little sheep a big cuddle.
Where will they travel to next?