Friday, 16 March 2012

What a tangled web we weave

Playroom games remain a mystery to me. Today I found this tangled heap of dollies and knitting yarn rolling around on the playroom floor. Was it a game of. . . . 'Who wants to play Gulliver's Travels?' (the bit where Gulliver is tied to the floor by the tiny Lilliputians) or maybe it was 'Let's pretend to be Harry Houdini'. Your guess is as good as mine!

Whatever it was, great fun was being had by all the participants. Eventually I decided the whole thing was getting a bit out of hand and I released the captives from their woolly web and told them to wind all the yarn into neat balls and put it back into my knitting basket.

Amazingly everyone obliged and even Baby Bunny made herself useful. Then, after a while, everything went very quiet  which is never a good sign so I went to investigate.

I was greeted by several innocent faces all trying to look very 'good'. Of course there was nothing to hide. Or was there? I asked them to step aside and show me the basket. 

Sure enough they had wound all the yarn into nice round balls and placed each one neatly inside. So what was going on? . . . . Suddenly, out popped Baby Bunny's head.

Then, as if by magic, out popped several more little bunny heads. The dolls giggled and waved their arms with delight.

 Who were these bunny children? Where had they come from? I was told they were all Baby Bunny's cousins who, with help from the dolls, had decided to create a woolly rabbit warren in my knitting basket.

Whilst Kate held onto Baby Bunny the new arrivals climbed out of the basket and stood in a line. There were two little boys, and three little girls and all had the sweetest faces. "Could they stay?" I was asked. What a dilemma. The playroom is already a place of constant chaos and the thought of five bouncing bunnies joining the throng does not seem a sensible idea.

However I'm too soft hearted to turn them away so I have said they have just two weeks to find a suitable Mother Bunny to care for them. . . . . . 

The dolls wasted no time in making this poster and placed it in the playroom window. . . . . Let's wait and see what happens.

Pattern for the bunny children

Baby Bunny's cousins are easy to make and would be sweet little Easter gifts for children. They are all made from my Baby Bunny pattern (pictured above) which I know many of you have. The pattern can be found in my Dollytime Etsy shop.

If you have my Baby Bunny pattern these are some changes you can make :
* The bunny colours used are black, dark grey, brown, beige and white. 
* To make a white nose simply use white yarn for the last 4 rows of the head. 
* The arms and body are striped or plain (your choice).
* The white bunny's dress uses Baby Bunny's dress pattern. Use peach, mauve and lemon. Stripe randomly.
* The floral dresses are strips of floral fabric measuring 30cm (12in) x 8cm (3in). Hem top and bottom and gather at the waist with narrow elastic.
* For boys' trousers cast on 28 stitches. Knit 2 rows and then knit 11 rows in stocking stitch starting with a purl row. Cast off. Stitch the back seam. Place the trousers on the bunny with the cast-off edge at the top. Make several stitches (one over the other) between the legs. Stitch the cast-of waistband to the body gathering slightly if necessary.
* Trouser straps. Cast on 20 stitches. Cast off. Stretch slightly to straighten and stitch to the bunny's body. Use contrasting yarn to make three or four small stitches at the bottom of each strap to create buttons.