Friday, 1 April 2011

Who owns this shoe?

You might remember in my previous post there was great excitement when Tilly found a piece of knitted patchwork. There's a rumour going round that there could soon be a new arrival here at Flutterby Patch and some dolly-size balls of yarn will be required and so the three girls set to work winding yarn into small balls.

In the picture above you can see how busy they have been and now a basket of pretty coloured yarn stands waiting for the new arrival. Meanwhile Tilly has left the knitted patchwork with the yarn just in case it's needed.

Today, little Violet, one of our Rainbow Rascals, found another mysterious knitted object and showed it to Lulu. What could it be?

Lulu decided it looked like a cosy warm shoe and so Violet tried it on.

What do you think?

Hmm! Just a bit too big for you Violet.

Santa Mouse decided it was just the sort of warm shoe he could use when delivering gifts at Christmas, but sadly it was too big for him also.

A new hat for Santa perhaps? No Santa! It looks very silly.

Then Lulu concluded it would make a cosy bed for her little dolly.

But the bed was too short and anyway Lulu's dolly already has a cosy bed.

And so, having run out of ideas Lulu decided to place the mysterious shoe on the basket of dolly-size balls of yarn, alongside the piece of knitted patchwork. Hopefully someone will claim it very soon.

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Have fun and enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing.