Wednesday 3 June 2015

Yarn choice

Dolls come in many different colours and styles these days and (like people) their skin tones vary widely around the world. So when asked to recommend a particular yarn for a flesh colour I find it difficult and am only able to tell you which yarn I use here in the UK and why I choose it for my dolls.

The question I get asked most frequently by knitters is "Which yarn shall I use as the flesh colour? Should it be baby pink, peach or cream?"
I never recommend baby pink; cream can be OK but can be a bit bland, so a shade of peach seems the best option. But if you want to put your dolls in pale coloured clothing a peach colour can appear too strong (see photo above).
Luckily I have found what is for me the ideal colour and this is the one I recommend (see below). I suppose I'd describe it as a warm cream with a hint of very pale peach. It is widely available here in the UK but for obvious reasons I'm not able to guarantee it's availability in other countries.
My number one choice is Hayfield Bonus DK and the colour is 'Flesh Tone'. The shade number is 0963. The 100g balls are 100% acrylic. The thickness and quality of the yarn is perfect for dolls heads, bodies, arms and legs.
This flesh colour works well with pale pinks and other pastel shades.
I use it for my largest dolls and my smallest.
I've used this yarn for a number of years and so asked for a few dolls to pose with a ball of Hayfield Bonus DK. As you can see I was inundated with volunteers. Looking at their smiling faces I think I can safely say they are all very happy with the way they look!
By now many doll knitters will have discovered their own favourite shades but if you are still undecided then try Hayfield Bonus DK. It is available from many high street shops and by mail order from online companies many of whom will mail it oversees if you are unable to find it closer to home.  Happy dolly knitting to you all.