Thursday 14 May 2015

Am I too old for a doll?

Knitters sometimes say to me . . . “I really love the little doll I’ve just knitted and I don’t want to part with her. But I’m too old to have a doll so I’m giving her to a friend who has children.”

When knitters tell me this it makes me feel really sad. Not because it isn't a nice gesture to give your knitted dolly to a friend's children but because no one is ever too old to have a doll, especially a doll that you've put your heart and soul into creating. 

So, if you love your little knitted dolly then keep her at home with you where she belongs. If she takes up too much room on the sofa you can consider getting her a little chair of her own.

My father made this doll's chair many years ago from wood that he found around the garden. With a couple of coats of varnish it has stood the test of time really well.

I guarantee your doll will love sitting in her own chair.

But if you think she looks a bit lonely sitting there all by herself then why not make her a friend?

And of course once she's found one friend then it won't be long before another friend comes along. And of course the big dolls will eventually want little dolls of their own!!

Their happy smiling faces will always be there to greet you when you come into the room and I'm certain the dollies will receive cuddles from all your friends and relatives whatever their ages!

So please remember . . . . . No one is ever too old to have a doll (or several!)

If you can knit but have never made a doll you will find my patterns easy to follow with lots of photos to help you. The dolls shown in this post are Belinda Jane, Alice in Wonderland, Tilly and the three little dolls are from the 'Jenny and the Jolly Dollies' pattern.
Patterns are available as instant downloads from Etsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting which is a UK shop.