Friday, 21 December 2012

Time to decorate

Greetings friends on this December solstice day, a time when I traditionally decorate our house for Christmas. Early this morning I went to the attic and found the familiar boxes that contain our much loved decorations and very quickly numerous helpers appeared all eager to lend a hand with box emptying. I wonder if they will be nearby when I need help to pack things away!

Quickly I found the box containing our lovely glass baubles. These are much too precious for enthusiastic helpers to unpack. 
Finding a pair of golden bells, Lucy Lavender wasted no time in using them as earrings. The robin looks less than impressed wouldn't you say?
I made this snowman many years ago and now it wouldn't be Christmas if he didn't put in an appearance. His head lifts off and his body is hollow (made from a large glass jar). When the children were little I used to fill him with tiny inexpensive toys (one a day for the twelve days of Christmas).
Now what secrets does Santa Mouse have in his sack I wonder?
Oh dear! A spot of trouble in the tree. . . . .
The foolish bunny children decided to try climbing into the branches. What they hadn't bargained for was the spiky needles that stuck into their clothing and held them fast. Ouch!

I carefully unhooked each foolish bunny and then told them to be on their best behaviour while they had a chat with Santa on his sleigh. He only brings gifts to good little bunnies so I just hope he hasn't seen their many antics throughout the year.
Our Christmas decorations have been in use for many years and I rarely add to the collection but this year I couldn't resist giving a home to this cute little glass elf.

Wherever you are in this great wide world of ours I should like to
wish you a Very Happy Christmas.