Monday, 25 June 2012

Sewing room fun (and possible free pattern)

Leaving the playroom door open is never a good idea as you can bet it won't be long before the house fills with 'dolly escapees'. And that is just what happened this morning. Scuffling noises coming from the sewing room alerted me to the possibility of intruders and when I peeked round the door, there were the culprits having a wonderful time playing amongst my bags of fabric off-cuts.

Little Jack, receiving a helpful push from below, was cautiously climbing the ladder to join the bigger dolls who had already taken up residence in one of the bags.

Meanwhile, three Rainbow Rascals were enjoying a game of 'let's dress up in off-cuts'.

A fourth Rascal was encouraging two fearless bunny boys to leap into my box of vintage buttons. Feet first or head first, it didn't seem to matter. One sister gave them a shove from above whilst another tried in vain to catch them. Needless to say, the bunnies bounced and no one seemed to get hurt.

Mountaineering was the order of the day in my bag of fluffy stuffing. When spilling out of the bag it tends to resemble foaming soap suds but thankfully the Jolly Tots were safe and dry and I almost wished I could join them!

I let the activities continue for a while until I noticed the 'bouncing bunnies' had bounced straight out of the button box and onto my bag of string. They were now making short work of emptying the carefully wound contents and so I called time on the various activities.

Whilst sorting and clearing away the many bits and pieces I decided it would be sensible to put some of them to good use. I'm hoping the resulting item might be a suitable subject for a 'free pattern' and be ready in time for my next blog post. It will only be a simple little item, quick and easy to make (for all ages) and will be hand stitched as opposed to knitted, so watch this space!

Back to the sorting and stitching! . . . . . .