Monday 23 January 2012

All good fun

I thought I'd show you the curtains I've just finished making for our cloakroom. As I always seem to end up choosing flowery fabric I was determined this time to have something different, checks or stripes perhaps.

As you can see, I fell into the 'flowery trap' yet again. These delicious roses on a pale aqua background stole my heart as soon as I saw them. I have a few bits of vintage china on the cloakroom windowsill which are a perfect match so there was no contest. Perhaps I'll choose checks or stripes next time!

Our weather has been wet and windy for weeks but there has been plenty to keep us busy. Whilst I've been decorating and making curtains the playroom has been its usual buzz of activity. There are a number of Mabel Lucie Attwell books on the playroom shelves and the pictures are a constant source of inspiration to everyone, including me!

Don't you just love this illustration. It comes from an early Attwell book, written in 1920, about a little baby that goes missing.

As the sun goes down and the moon rises some little elves discover the baby asleep under a tree. But how do tiny fairy folk transport a chubby baby safely back home?

Luckily these quick thinking little characters have the answer. They bundle the baby into an old linen basket and with great effort pull the cutie back home.

This tale is a great favourite in the playroom not least because it gives some of the dolls the perfect excuse to have a game of 'let's rescue the baby'. The Rainbow Rascals love to wrap Daisy in a clean handkerchief, bundle her into the old linen basket and drag her across the playroom floor.

Of course this game doesn't last long and usually leads to more boisterous adventures, especially when inspired by this picture.

If one baby will fit into a small basket then how many dolls will fit into an even bigger basket? Let's find out!

Isn't it funny how empty containers act as a magnet for youngsters and can inspire the most creative play. Children will never be bored when there are empty baskets and boxes nearby.

Before I go I'd like to thank everyone for the very generous comments left with my last post. Many of you popped over to Toyshelf to see what patterns were available.

Recent arrivals are these little sailors,

It was with a sigh of relief I finally completed decorating the three rooms I started last October, and with the new curtains in place I am at last able to give my mind to creating a new knitting pattern. As always I have plenty of ideas buzzing around in my head and have already started on one particular dolly idea. It's a bit experimental and might be a hopeless failure, in which case you'll not hear any more about it. However, I'm hoping it will turn out well so I'll keep you posted.

Until next time