Friday 17 June 2011

The playroom chair

There's an old wooden chair in the playroom which provides the dolls with a constant source of amusement but also concern. The amusement comes from taking turns to climb into the chair. As you can see, a helping hand is always required and the smaller you are the more difficult the challenge.

The concern comes from there not being a playroom doll that is big enough to fit comfortably in the chair.

Two small dollies prove the point.

When I asked what we should do about it the dolls disappeared and returned with a Raggedy Ann book.

They quickly turned to this page.

When I saw a picture of sweet Raggedy Ann sitting on an old wooden chair it quickly became evident that the dolls were looking for a similar friend to join them in the playroom.

Someone who was just the right size to fit in their old wooden chair.

Someone to share meals with.

And a kindly someone who would tell them bedtime stories on dark nights.

I explained that we didn't have a Raggedy Ann living here.

But my explanation fell on deaf ears and a wooden cart was wheeled in which the dolls proceeded to fill with yarn.

From the colours they chose it was easy to see what they were trying to tell me!

I'm guessing these little rascals were telling me that they'd like their own Raggedy Ann doll to come and live with them in the playroom. I confess I have been asked several times by knitters if I'd create a knitting pattern for a Raggedy type doll but I've always shied away from the idea as for me there is only one Raggedy Ann. So any doll that I created might resemble the original but would require a different name, but what?

We'll have to put our thinking caps on here at Flutterby Patch and see what we can come up with. I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend