Friday 12 November 2010

Tiny Topsy the tooth fairy

Just straight knitting, no shaping, no strange abbreviations and easy to follow instructions with lots of pictures to guide you. This is what you'll find in the FREE PATTERN for Tiny Topsy, the doll that I promised to design for new knitters. She's just the right size for a doll house and little girls will love her so I hope you'll be tempted to give her a go. Before I give you the pattern details I thought you'd like to see Tiny Topsy at home.

Tiny Topsy lives in a tiny house with lots of other dolls, but Topsy is special. The little girl who owns the house knows that when a wobbly tooth falls out she must leave it on Topsy's tiny table.

When the little girl is fast asleep Tiny Topsy works her magic and becomes a tiny tooth fairy. Her little pearl button brooch turns into a pretty pearl necklace and her knitted apron becomes lace. She has pink ribbons in her hair and a golden crown. But best of all, her fluffy duster changes into a magic wand.

The fairy waves her wand and the little girl's tooth magically becomes a shiny silver coin.

In the morning when the little girl wakes up she remembers the tooth and runs to Tiny Topsy's table. The tooth has gone and in it's place she finds the silver coin.

Tiny Topsy smiles because only she knows the secret of the tooth fairy's magic.

* * * * * *

If you know a little girl who'd love to own a Tiny Topsy tooth fairy why knit one for her. She's an upside down (topsy turvy) doll and very easy to make.

I have produced a PDF pattern which you can download onto your computer and print out. You might find downloading the pattern takes a few seconds.

Click for TINY TOPSY - FREE PATTERN - Have fun and happy knitting.

The little video links below should prove useful for people who are very new to the craft.
1). How to CAST ON - (easy method for beginners)
2). How to KNIT
3). How to PURL
4). How to knit STOCKING STITCH also known as STOCKINETTE STITCH - (this is simply one row of knit stitches alternated with one row of purl stitches ...... easy).