Friday, 15 October 2010

Wonderful wool

I'd been cutting out curtains all morning so was glad to finally sit down with a cup of coffee and browse through my latest edition of Country Living. I was thrilled to see a large part of the magazine concentrates on my favourite natural fibre, wool, and the yummy pictures have inspired me to do a quick post for the weekend.

Living in the English Lake District I see a great many sheep on a daily basis and can never understand why their wool is more or less a waste product these days as nobody seems to want it. Apart from preferring to knit with wool when I can, I love tweed fabric and some of the modern variations in gorgeous vibrant shades are mouth watering.

To celebrate our sheep and their wonderful woolly product I grabbed a few balls of wool, and odds and ends of tweed and quickly put together some little autumnal scenes of my own. I hope you enjoy them.

Sadly I now have to return to the curtain cutting. Wishing you all a happy weekend.