Tuesday 13 July 2010

Fun times

I wonder how many of you share your family holidays with a host of cuddly toys?

When my two children were very young I would pack one small cuddly toy and a book for them each to take. But one particular year, when they had grown a little older and wiser, I remember them asking, "Can the toys come with us?"

I had to disappoint them and refuse as I knew this could have entailed a great many cuddly characters coming along for the ride and taking up valuable space in the already full car.

And so we began the trip to our holiday destination with just two small toys and a few books.

However, we hadn't travelled far when, turning round to speak to the children in the seat behind, I was greeted by a large number of fluffy faces and giggles of delight. The toys had somehow been smuggled into the car when I wasn't looking and were now looking forward to having a happy holiday with their young owners.

If my children are reading this post they will no doubt remember the fun they had that year with........

Beggar and Kitty

Keele and Flora

Tosh and Sheba

Bonnie and Clyde

and last but by no means least, Mrs Mop and her little friend Maggie.

Seaside holidays in England can often be windy and wet but we are well used to braving the elements.

Whatever the weather, there are always reasons to be cheerful.

Mrs Mop was (and still is) guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Apparently she was 'smuggled' into university for a while by my daughter.

My children are grown now but this cuddly family can still be found in my son's old bedroom almost certainly looking to make more mischief when the time is right.