Wednesday 24 September 2008

Ameliaranne and knitted elephants

Aren't these illustrations just wonderful? They can be found in the book 'Ameliaranne at the Circus'. The first Ameliaranne story was published way back in 1920 in the days when families like hers were very often large and very often poor. Over the years the stories were penned by a variety of authors but the wonderful illustrations were always produced by Susan B Pearce. (This book was written by Margaret Gilmour)
Ameliareanne1_1 Ameliareanne2_1
Ameliareanne3_1 Ameliareanne4_1
1). In this story Ameliaranne finds a runaway elephant with a sore trunk and takes the injured animal home.
2). At the sight of a wild animal at the door her poor overworked mother cries "Mercy me, it's an ephelunt! We shall all be trampled to death!" and with that she snatches up an armful of children and rushes indoors for safety.
3). Mother has to sit down and fan herself but after gaining her composure she suggests the elephant's trunk could be bandaged with a dish-cloth.
4). With a bandaged trunk the gentle elephant allows the children to ride on its back. It is, of course, an animal that has escaped from a travelling circus and for their kindness Ameliaranne and her family receive free tickets for the next performance. Wonderful!
This little elephant pattern is easy to knit. Each one is just 12 stitches wide and can be knitted as a repeat pattern or as an individual motif.
You could make each elephant a different colour if you wish or, if you're not a knitter, then why not try using the graph for cross stitch. I'll be posting another pattern in a few days. Have fun!