Friday 6 April 2012

Happy Easter

Here in Britain our activities are often governed by the weather. Last week brought the hottest March days ever recorded and this week we've had a freezing northerly blast bringing howling gales and substantial snow. But thankfully the warm spring sunshine has returned and so everyone is busy with Easter preparations.

On Thursday we spent a happy afternoon in the garden. Posy gathered daffodils and caught fluffy chicks to put in her Easter basket. She insisted on wearing her bunny ears and Peter Rabbit coat.

Of course no Peter Rabbit outfit would be complete without a big white fluffy tail.

Mother Bunny's wheelie-basket came in useful for carrying chocolate Easter eggs.

Unfortunately she'd forgotten that the eggs should  remain hidden until Easter Day?

As you can see the chocolaty load was quickly spotted by several inquisitive onlookers

and like pirates finding treasure the little rascals raided the basket as soon as Mother Bunny's back was turned.

Later, in the playroom, dolls and bunnies (with chocolaty fingers and paws) posed for the camera.

They have all promised to take good care of this box of chocolate nest cakes that I bought for my daughter who is coming to stay for a few days. These are my daughter's favourite but I can see all eyes are very firmly fixed on those yummy nest cakes and I'm wondering if there will be any left by the time she arrives.