Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A cute gift

Greetings friends. I hope you've all had an enjoyable Easter. My daughter stayed with us over the weekend and I'm happy to say the box of chocolate nest cakes that the dolls were looking after remained unopened until she arrived. She'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she was knitting something 'round' as an Easter gift for me so I naturally presumed it would be egg-shaped. When she passed me this little tissue covered surprise I let the dolls take the first peek inside.

Lucy Lavender couldn't wait to untie the pretty lemon ribbon.

And just look at the little cutie that popped out! She certainly wasn't the egg shape I was expecting.

Of course everyone in the playroom was delighted to find a new playmate.

But this little girl is not destined for the playroom as she will sit next to my sewing machine and hold my pins.

My daughter had mentioned a few weeks ago that she was working on a new pattern to list in her Etsy shop. This little girl is one of three dolls (small, medium and large) that she designed for children to play with. When she'd stuffed them she decided they would make great pincushions.

As she had brought the two larger dolls to show me we couldn't resist covering their skirts with all kinds of treasure. The vintage brooches belonged to my mother and the tiny rings were stashed in my daughter's childhood jewelry box. I think they'd look great sitting on a dressing table holding bits and bobs.

Lucy Lavender seemed very surprised that anyone would want to carry pins in their skirt. I just hope she doesn't try any experimental pin-sticking amongst her dolly friends in the playroom!

My daughter has named these little characters 'Twirling Doughnut Dolls' as their skirts are doughnut-shaped with twirling zig-zag stripes. The pattern made by the stripes is very easy to knit and as each doll only requires small amounts of yarn they'll be a great way to use up odds and ends. They are soft and cuddly so make safe toys for very young children. I also love the idea of using them to hold pins and other sparkly treasures. The knitting pattern contains instructions for all three sizes of doll (10cm, 12cm and 15cm).

Whilst the smallest doll now guards the pins in my sewing room the two larger dolls have gone back to my daughter's house to join the other characters on her toyshelf. If you'd like to knit your own twirling doughnut dollies you'll find the pattern in my daughter's Toyshelf Etsy shop.