Friday, 30 March 2012

Is there a mouse in the house?

We've had a wonderful week of blue skies and sunshine and as a result everyone (humans and dollies) has enjoyed happy times in the garden.

The playroom door has been left open and much fun has been had. However, the downside to all this freedom is that the younger dolls have tended to wander around the house and today I found this inquisitive little group looking at my computer screen. Something in my blog comments had attracted their attention. . . . .

. . . . . . 'Nannie Sheila' was wanting to know if I had a mouse that would fit into Baby Bunny's basket and 'Pearly Queen' had suggested that there are patterns for mice in my Etsy shop. Would these be a suitable size?

Before anyone had time to consider the possibility of a mouse instead of a bunny in a basket two of my cheeky mice (Pip and Darcy) scurried up to Baby Bunny who was having her morning nap.

With no word of warning Pip grabbed hold of poor Baby Bunny and heaved her out of the basket.

Very quickly a crowd of curious onlookers gathered round and the sight of Pip the mouse asleep in the basket created huge amusement.

Inevitably a game of 'let's all try the basket for size' followed next. The mice might have been a bit too large but the little Jolly Tot dolls fitted perfectly.

One thing was certain, everyone agreed that Baby Bunny's basket would be a very cosy place to take a nap.
Very quickly however the game of individuals trying the basket for size turned into 'let's see how many can squeeze into the basket' and from then on things got a bit out of hand.

Fortunately Posy came along and dealt with the culprits in double quick time. Armful by armful she scooped them up and took them into the garden.

Mice, bunnies and dollies were deposited in the old wheelbarrow and when it was full Posy spent the rest of the morning pushing the overloaded barrow round the garden. Needless to say a jolly good time was had by all, all that is except Posy!

Meanwhile, Kate gently placed Baby Bunny back in her crib but Bunny didn't like that idea at all and wanted to play with the others. Kate, of course, didn't mind because it meant she could wrap Bunny in her cosy shawl and cuddle her.


A very big thank you for all the nice comments you have left with recent posts. Baby Bunny seems to have appealed to a great many of you and I know several knitters who have made a variety of other animals to pop inside the basket crib. In answer to Nannie Sheila's question, my three mice (pictured below) are the same length as the basket but if knitted on needles that are one, two or even three sizes smaller then they would fit quite well. You could consider knitting the head on smaller needles and then stitching it onto a bunny's body. The heads are very quick to make so my advice would be to give it a go!

The Jolly Tot dolls (below) fit in the basket crib perfectly and there are 10 styles to choose from. They can of course be knitted in 'baby shades' if softer colours are preferred.

I have three easy to follow patterns for mice. Each mouse has the same head pattern so if you only want a head please choose only one mouse. Mice and Jolly Tot doll patterns can all be found in my Dollytime Etsy shop.

I hope to spend more time in the garden this weekend as the English weather can never be relied on to stay fine for long! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.