Friday 9 March 2012

Keeping busy

This has to be the prettiest thing I've seen all week. A little white rabbit dressed in shades of violet and lavender (my favourite colours) holding scissors and bead-top pins to match her outfit. She certainly makes the perfect sewing companion.

The pictures were sent to me by Colette who lives in Belgium. She has only been knitting for a short while and decided to try and make my Rowena Rabbit sewing companion. Although fairly new to the craft I think you'll agree she has made the rabbit beautifully. What makes her success even more amazing is the fact that English is not her first language and so unfamilar words and instructions all had to be translated. Don't you just love the way the mirror reflects the rabbit from the back. She's lovely.

I'm full of admiration for knitters who don't speak English as their first language but are brave enough to buy my patterns and translate them in order to knit my little dolls and animals.

If you'd like to knit your own Rowena Rabbit sewing companion like the one shown made by Colette you will find the pattern in my Etsy shop. I aim to make all my patterns easy to follow and every row is numbered. I include plenty of step by step pictures alongside the instructions.

Have I been doing anything creative this week? I'm afraid not! Not unless you consider cleaning windows to be a creative activity. We have leaded windows in our house and each small glass pane has to be cleaned individually. After a long winter the dirt rests stubbornly in the corners and the best way to attack it is with an old toothbrush and plenty of soapy water. This is the view through the dining room window. As you can see, our Lakeland skies are still grey but the daffodils are in bloom and at last everything is beginning to look a bit greener. (Just in case you are wondering . . . these windows haven't yet been cleaned!)

As you might expect, there has been no cleaning of windows in the playroom. This morning I found Kate and Lucy playing a game of 'how many dolls can you squeeze into a box?' It looked to be a very uncomfortable activity for the those inside the box but no one appeared to mind. Empty boxes never remain empty for long. 

In another part of the playroom I noticed the crayon box was being emptied onto the floor as three dolls chose their favourite colours. They seemed completely oblivious to the fact that baby bunny was about to fall head first into the box. Never mind, it's all good fun I suppose.

I hope you have a fun weekend wherever you are.