Friday, 6 August 2010

Linen and lace

I love vintage linen and lace and have collected quite a few pretty pieces over the years. A large crochet bedspread has been sitting at the back of my linen cupboard for some time but as it needs some minor repairs I've never used it.

A weekend of sunshine and showers is forecast (this will mean mainly showers here in England's Lake District) and so I have found my reel of linen thread and will aim to make the bedspread usable again before the weekend is over. If it doesn't look right on the bed then I suppose it could be made into a number of small items. Creating a pretty canopy for my antique crib is a very tempting idea.

But I would find it diffucult to cut into such pretty crochet and so I'm hoping the repairs will make the bedspread whole again and then it can resume its rightful place on a bed.

Have a happy weekend wherever you are.