Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bright and beautiful

The storm clouds parted as we drove into the tiny hamlet of Melkinthorpe and happily we were bathed in sunshine for the duration of our stay.

The purpose of our journey was to visit the wonderful 'Larch Cottage Nurseries' which is one of my favourite places hidden deep in the Cumbrian countryside.

In through the old barn door we went and spent a happy hour or so browsing and comparing blooms of every size and hue.

My bright and beautiful selection of August bloomers were unceremoniously loaded into the back of the car and are now awaiting a permanent spot in the garden in which to flourish.

But who could resist cutting just a few for decoration indoors.

If you love gardening and ever find yourself in Cumbria do pop into the magical 'Larch Cottage Nurseries', I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.