Tuesday, 10 August 2010

All so tempting!

The latest Cath Kidston catalogue dropped through my mail box on Saturday and as I thumbed through admiring all the 'new' vintage style items I came to a page where 'real' vintage items had been sourced and were being offered to readers. And would you believe it? There was my little 60s school chair priced at £45. There were 10 available to readers (first come first served) and I'm guessing they didn't hang around long.

My children were given this chair by their grandad many years ago and it's one of the sturdiest pieces of furniture we have. In its previous life it had been a classroom chair so would have been used and abused by a great many tiny tots over the years. These days Old Ted resides on it.

Its quite easy to see why the CK merchandise is so popular. If you 're a fan of all things vintage then you'll find lots in the catalogue to tempt you. I love some of the ladies fashions for Autumn but with so much emphasis on vintage I wonder why the children's clothes don't follow suit.

I don't suppose today's young girls would want to wear dresses like the 60s ones below but I guarantee they'd like to try them on and twirl around in the very full skirts! Who knows, they might be converted!

My mum couldn't resist buying pretty fabric when she saw it and as a result I've inherited remnants of dress and curtain fabric which I'm now trying to utilize. Unfortunately there isn't quite enough to make bedroom curtains. I'd love something colourful for the spare room and came across this Harlequin advert for fun fabrics and wallpaper entitled 'What a Hoot!' There are some gorgeously colourful prints to choose from so I'm very tempted.

If you like the kids style designs of the 1960s take a look at 'What a Hoot'