Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jolly gardening

The sun is out and there's plenty to do around the garden today and so I found some willing volunteers to help me (knitted ones of course!) They are my new dolls known as Jolly Tots and I thought I'd introduce a few to you.

This little girl is removing the dead flower heads from my petunias (a job I'm very lazy about doing).

I'm not sure if this little cutie is doing much work, she seems to be comparing the lovely scarlet bloom with her own red hat.

Little boys are always more interested in climbing trees don't you find?

This frilly pink poppy appeared in our flower bed in early spring. I didn't plant seed so its arrival remains a bit of a mystery. These blooms stand at least one metre off the ground so this little Jolly Tot has had a difficult climb on her tiny legs.

"Peekaboo"..... another little tot pops out of the petunias 

Gardening can be thirsty work. "Who's for a nice refreshing cup of tea?"

If you'd like to knit your own 'garden helpers' you'll find the pattern for Jolly Tots in my Etsy shop.