Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Paint it white!

You might remember I recently told you we were stripping the wallpaper in our breakfast room. I was full of enthusiasm at the time and sure the room would be finished in record time.

But as always it has taken longer than we anticipated and we are only just getting round to completing it.

The walls are now bright and white.

The window is white

and the door, removed from its hinges and laid flat for painting is............ brilliant white. We always take large items into our garden room for painting as there is plenty of empty floor space.

We have a new carpet

and we did consider a new chandelier to replace an ancient one which we inherited when we bought the house. However, I decided it might look OK if I painted it white. What do you think?

Rest assured, it hasn't been all about painting things white round here. Whilst hubby has been glued to the TV watching the World Cup I've been experimenting with a few ideas. White ones of course!

Yesterday I began knitting this little snow bunny. It might become part of a festive pattern collection I'm planning for later in the year.

But enough about knitting!

I'm eager to get my china back in the dresser and have decided to display my vintage florals rather than my blue and white which has been in there for quite a while. My blue and white will have another home, but more of that in a later post.