Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A bright idea

Just look at that juicy strawberry! It's our first of the year and its growing plumper and riper every day.  Unfortunately the local birds and squirrels have also spotted it, so today I decided it was time for action.

This year my strawberry plants are outside the sitting room window where I can keep an eye open for thieves of the fur and feathered variety. But I can't stand guard endlessly so knew it was time to drape netting over the ripening fruit.

and I had a cunning plan.....

We've had an old umbrella in the garage for many years. It was battered and torn but we always felt it might come in useful one day.

First I removed the fabric and then hubby cut off the handle.

The strawberry plants are standing on a makeshift table made from a large wooden reel which conveniently has a hole through the centre. So with a piece of old pipe (more junk we've stored for years) pushed into the centre of the reel we were able to support the umbrella.


And it made the perfect frame for the strawberry netting. Let's hope it proves a good deterrent

I bet the birds and squirrels won't be pleased when they see it!