Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hopeful Signs of Spring

Here in England's north west corner the sun greets us today from a clear blue sky. The birds are singing and busily building their nests and you can almost hear the flowers opening in order to turn their faces to the sun.
Around the garden the daffodils are putting in a later appearance than usual due to the prolonged snow that lasted throughout January.
Winter flowering heathers create cheerful purple carpets.
Camellias are a great substitute for roses which won't be here for another six or eight weeks.
The early azaleas have been in flower for a couple of weeks and will soon be joined by their many later flowering companions.
This hellebore is 'Winter Moonbeam' which we planted last March when it was very small and had just two blooms. Just look at it now. I can definitely recommend this variety.

Peering around the old crab apple tree I see daughter and hubby having an in depth discussion....time to investigate.
The wheel barrow is loaded with tools which means there is a 'man at work!'
This little project was started last summer. The gateway will lead through to the area where hubby chops logs and stores wood of all shapes and sizes
The inspiration came from a wonderful garden we visited last July. We both loved how the owners had used cut logs to create this wall and arch.
I fear ours won't look anything like this but we will hopefully have a loggy sort of wall and a gate that will screen the log chopping area....I'll keep you posted on progress.
Hoping you all had an enjoyable Easter.
Until next time