Tuesday 30 March 2010

Taking Tea for Easter

Don't you just love this red spotted teapot? It belongs to Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses. Rhondi has the the most gorgeous collection of china and today I'm joining in the fun at her Tea Party Tuesday. Do pop over for a cuppa and meet some of her blogging chums.
Red teapot blog 013[1]

With golden daffodils in the background I had hoped we could enjoy our tea party in the garden. But the rain is pouring down and an icy wind brings the threat of snow, so refreshments will be taken beside the dining room window. It's a very dull day so please excuse the poor quality of my pictures.
Indoors is warm and snug and I'm serving your tea in some of my pretty vintage china.
I love this daffodil design as it immediately conjures up images of spring. It dates from the art deco period of the 1930s.

I have no homemade cakes or biscuits to offer you I'm afraid but perhaps you'd like to try an Easter nest cake.
I bought a section of these cakes as my daughter is coming to stay this weekend and they have been her traditional Easter 'must have' since she was a tiny tot. "Easter wouldn't be Easter without nest cakes Mum!"
I have a small box containing all the Easter fripperies from my children's childhood and they are ready and waiting for a nostalgic tea party with the family next weekend.
Now, bring your tea to my craft room and I'll show you the little characters I've been knitting this week.
In my last post I showed you an egg cup and some yarn and asked if you could guess what I was making. Well done those of you who guessed correctly....yes....the answer was egg cosies and as always you will find the pattern for them in my Etsy shop.
This little egg cosy girl is welcoming you with a tiny chocolate egg.
Meet her brother and sister
Each little cutie fits snuggly over an egg (real or chocolate!).
I'm very fond of these plain white egg cups.
But for extra fun I couldn't resist giving this little fellow a Carlton Ware egg cup that I found in a thrift shop. It could have been made for him.

These little walking wear egg cups can be found on Ebay.

The knitted egg cosies have joined their many friends in my craft room and Lucy Lavender welcomes them with an apron full of chocolate eggs.
Aren't aprons a useful way to carry eggs?
If you aren't wearing an apron then lift up your skirt and fill it with eggs...chocolate ones of course.
I made this card for you using one of my Magnolia Tilda rubber stamps. She's a great favourite of mine.

I hope you all enjoy a Very Happy Easter and, wherever you live around the world, may the sun shine for you.
Until next time,