Monday, 22 March 2010

A Very Special Day

It's been a very busy few weeks here at Flutterby Patch.

Much plotting and planning has been going on.

Cakes have been made and scrumptious edibles goodies prepared and all because..........
on Sarurday 20th March, the first day of Spring......

my dear son married his sweetheart.

 Promises were made and rings exchanged
Hymns were sung and prayers were spoken.

And then the happy couple joined their wedding guests for the celebration.

The scrumptious goodies were consumed
and everyone made merry.
 And so, two days later, it all seems rather quiet.
The excitement has waned and suddenly I've realised that Easter is less than two weeks away.
But fear not..... my needles are out, my yarn is prepared and and the little scene above just might give you a clue about what I'm planning to knit next.
Until next time,
Pictures were taken from Jill Barklem's wonderful 'Summer Story' in which Poppy Eyebright married Dusty Dogwood.