Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Out and about

Greetings friends. I hope you've all had an enjoyable Easter. I'm just popping in to let you know that I'll be busy for the next few months so you won't be seeing me on Flutterby Patch quite as much. I'm now responsible for a new Facebook page belonging to my local red squirrel society so please pop in and find out what's happening if you're passing.

On Sunday we walked to Orrest Head above Windermere.


It's uphill all the way and soon we were able to look down on the town of Windermere.

The path to the top passed through woodland.

In days gone by you would have been taken to the top of the hill in a horse drawn carriage.

The carriage would have stopped near the top and the passengers would have alighted and walked the last few yards to the summit.

And here is the view that would have greeted them. Little has changed over the centuries.

Windermere lake with the Lakeland fells (mountains) in the distance.

There are plenty of fast flowing streams tumbling through the Lakeland landscape.

Primroses bloom among the rocks.

These pretty blooms were once so plentiful they were picked by the basketful. These days the picking of wild flowers is discouraged.

The fast flowing stream eventually reaches Windermere lake.

Hopefully we will soon see the return of a lot more red squirrels like this cute little character.


WRSS Facebook page


  1. Lovely post, thank you for sharing the pictures of the countryside. I hope the squirrels can make a come back!

  2. Dear Eli, we will miss you and your lovely images of the Lake district; hope you won't be gone too long :-(

    Lovely illustrations with the pictures, they remind of the work of Kate Greenaway. Give the squirrels a hug from me :-)


  3. I felt like a walk without leaving my crafting room and thought! I know what. Eli will probably be able to bring me on another of her gorgeous guided promenades. And you didn't fail. I hope all is well with you and that you have been getting the amazing spring weather we are having this side of the Irish sea. The garden is in full bloom and the creative saps are rising.

    Thank you for your lovely woodland photos. Exactly the kind of place you might stumble across my little Ivy Lodge fairy house. Big hug, Carol xx

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics they are lovely and I am really enjoying the Facebook page for the squirrels and can highly recommend it. Cheers lesley


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