Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Puzzling snow

Unlike many other parts of the world, snowfall in Britain can never be predicted. Some years a few flakes are seen in late November. They flutter about for a bit and then completely disappear until the following year. Other years can bring a deluge and we are buried in the stuff for several weeks which causes total chaos throughout the country.

As our white stuff is so unreliable I get much pleasure from looking at snowy scenes like the one below. It was painted by one of my favourite Dutch artists, Anton Pieck (1895 - 1987).

Here is another of his winter worlds. I can feel the frosty night air as I imagine myself hurrying across the busy street on my way home to a cosy fireside and a plate of hot buttered toast.

We always complete a few jigsaw puzzles during the dreary winter months and this Christmas my husband was given this large puzzle depicting Anton Pieck's 'Carol Singers.'

A lovely puzzle for the festive season, we completed the colourful singers on the first day which left us with the more challenging surrounding areas to finish on day two.

If you are familiar with the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' you might think this little elf had come to lend a helping hand and correctly fit a few pieces of the puzzle whilst we were asleep. But you'd be wrong . . . . .

This is the rascally little fairy that Kate captured last year and he's full of mischief. Luckily Kate spotted him running away with two pieces of puzzle.

She chased him across the playroom floor and just managed to catch him before he'd had time to hide them. And so we finished the puzzle on day two and thanks to Kate there were no pieces missing!

Today the weatherman told us that Britain might get some snow next week. On the other hand we might not! Our weather is totally unreliable so anything could happen!


  1. Thank you for that. I do so love your posts and you never fail to make me smile.
    A x

  2. So that's where all our missing puzzle pieces go! Mystery solved.....thanks for that. Enjoy your "maybe" snow!
    natalie jo

  3. We have the same weather as in New England! Your little elf is so cute that we can excuse him for his mischievous ways! Love Anton Pieck's art! Happy new year!
    xx Helen

  4. I hope you get some snow. We could use a fresh coat here. Good thing Kate caught the little elf before he got the chance to hide the puzzle pieces. I love hot buttered toast, too!

  5. Those Anton Pieck pictures are so familiar to me and yet I can't think where I know them from. What a cheeky little elf you have! Happy New Year. x Jo

  6. Making me smile once again, Eli :-)


  7. Thinking of the snow in my young years growing up in England - now I am sweltering in the heat! Enjoying 2 days of respite before the 40 degs again on the weekend.
    Love your posts and glad the puzzle got completed without any pieces missing!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Oh the cutest elf! Anton Peck looks so familiar, I think one year I picked out our Christmas cards that were his work. Wonderful!

  9. Beautiful post as always! I would love to share some (a lot!) of snow with you if I could :)

  10. Your posts always warm my heart. Lovely daughter is a puzzler and I always delight in getting her puzzles for Christmas. And O' that rascally elf he is a puzzler too!

  11. Hoihoi, I love your blog and your knittings! Your stories always make me smile :-)

    'From 1952 to 1974, Anton Pieck was responsible for designing almost everything for fairytale park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands, which has become one of the most important theme parks in Europe. His work for Efteling has been of huge importance for the future of the park, since almost all later designers used many of his graphic characteristics in their designs (such as materials, colors and shapes).'

    Efteling is a really nice fairytale park.

    WolTroll from The Netherlands

  12. Dear Eli,

    Hooray for Kate, saving the day! I hope that you got your snow; we just had a few flakes tonight, enough to look pretty on the way down, before they melted. :)


  13. Ive just come across your Blog and had to say just how enchanting it is. I'm not usually a big fan of knitted dolls however yours are just gorgeous, and made me smile.

  14. Sorry forgot to sign off :)
    A Home Less Ordinary x

  15. Are the little Elfs for sale through yout Etsy shop ?

    A Home Less Ordinary


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