Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Playroom mountaineer

The first day of 2013 and playroom antics are already in full swing. The bunny boys decided to build a castle from bricks and being quite fearless one of them decided to climb to the topmost brick.

But inevitably disaster struck. The haphazardly balanced bricks wobbled and the little mountaineer tumbled to the floor and landed on his head.
Luckily kind Kate was on hand to comfort the invalid who was feeling very sorry for himself.  
She bandaged the bump on his head and the scratch on his leg and then took him to Merrily Ann who is always happy to read a story to anyone in the playroom  
Sitting snugly in the big chair with Merrily Ann the poor wounded bunny made a speedy recovery.

Of course it wasn't long before all the other bunnies noticed the special attention you can get if you are wearing a bandage.

And so bandages became the fashion of the day and luckily Merrily Ann was happy to read stories to a whole armful of bandage wearing bunnies.

Happy New Year everyone.
I hope 2013 will be fun year for you all.