Thursday, 18 August 2011

Two new dolls

Thank you so much for the nice comments you left about my new dolly named Merrily Ann. That's her, sitting on the right. I've been working very hard to get her finished and thanks to a typically rainy August here in northern England I've made good progress.

If you are a knitter of dollies you might be pleased to hear that I've made a second doll as a friend for Merrily Ann. She has gorgeous auburn curls and the sweetest smile and is named Belinda Jane. That's her on the left.
Both dolls measure 45cm (18in) from head to toe so they will be the largest dolls in the playroom.

Belinda Jane wears a warm cardigan over a sleeveless top and skirt. Merrily Ann has a shorter cardigan worn over a dress and apron. All clothing (except shoes) can be removed.

The dolls are knitted in DK yarn on two needles. The patterns are easy to follow with plenty of pictures to guide knitters through the various stages. You will find the patterns for both dolls in my Dollytime Etsy shop. If you live in the UK, or wish to pay in pounds sterling, then you can purchase patterns from my UK shop.

My other dolls have already met Merrily Ann, but they know nothing about Belinda Jane so they are in for a big surprise .

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

 It's impossible to keep anything secret round here!

Think I'd better go and restore order in the playroom!