Sunday, 14 August 2011

The empty chair

Way back in June I wrote a post about the playroom chair. The dolls constantly complain that it is much too large for them and they would dearly love to have a large doll come to live with them. Someone who would be just the right size for the chair.

They set their heart on having Raggedy Ann. Nothing else would do apparently.

Although I was shown numerous pictures of Raggedy Ann I explained that I didn't think she would come to live in our playroom.

But the dolls didn't give up and last week they hatched a plan.

They placed a cosy blanket on the chair and every night they left a piece of cake with a glass of juice just in case Raggedy Ann should visit in the night. But of course nobody came.

But the little rascals didn't give up and yesterday morning Kate suddenly shouted loudly and everyone ran to see what had happened.

During the night someone had drunk the juice and eaten the cake (well most of it, there were just a few crumbs left).

And so last night, just before bedtime, the dolls placed their Raggedy Ann story book on the chair. More juice and a piece of fruit cake were placed alongside together with some smaller books that Raggedy Ann might like to read..

Oh my goodness! What a surprise they had this morning when they discovered this sweet doll sitting in the empty chair happily reading one of the story books.

They knew at once who it was and one by one they ran to greet her.

As you can imagine there has been great excitement in the playroom all day and the new doll, with an enormous smile on her face, has been surrounded by a large family of very happy dollies.

I think I can safely say that this little lady has come to stay.
She has such a big smile that everyone is certain she must be very merry.

And so, as she looks such a merry doll we have given her the name
Merrily Ann.

Note for knitters.
I'm hoping to get a knitting pattern written for Merrily Ann fairly soon. It should be in my Etsy shop by the end of August.