Friday, 8 April 2011

A woolly mystery solved

The dolls love doing a post for Jenny's 'Dolly Day Friday' so here we go..........

This morning little Kate spotted a stray ball of wool, all by itself, on the playroom floor so she decided to pick it up and follow the woolly trail to see where it took her.

She hadn't gone very far when she spotted a new dolly that she hadn't seen before; she was sitting on the playroom floor busily knitting something red.

Of course she was very pleased when Kate returned her runaway ball of red wool.

The new doll said her name was Posy and she was knitting a red strap to put on her other shoe. The first shoe already had a strap.

Kate looked at Posy's shoes, the other shoe did indeed need a strap.

Posy finished knitting the strap and then carefully stitched it to her other shoe.

Now both red shoes looked the same and each strap was fastened with a shiny gold button.

Kate couldn't wait to tell the other dolls in the playroom all about Posy and wasted no time in taking Lulu to meet her.

Posy thanked Lulu and Kate for the many tiny balls of wool they had wound and left for her and she showed them how they now filled two baskets. Also in the baskets were several pairs of dolly-size knitting needles. Now I wonder what they could be for?

Away from the world of dolls we humans are enjoying some wonderful blue skies at last. It's amazing how two whole days of sunshine can bring many plants into bloom.

I'm guessing our weekend will be spent in the garden.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend wherever you are and whatever you choose to do.