Monday, 4 April 2011

Fairy fun

Some of you have been asking about the little fairy that Kate recently caught. I'm happy to tell you that he is living in the playroom amongst the dolls but they are making such a fuss of him that he's becoming thoroughly spoilt.

This Mabel Lucie Attwell plate hangs on the playroom wall and this morning Kate decided she would wash her fairy in a teacup bath just like the little girl in the picture.

She filled a tiny teacup with warm soapy water, fetched a sponge and towel and then rolled up her sleeves and prepared to bath her fairy.

But the little rascal was having none of it and hurriedly made his escape.

After a quick search we found him gazing longingly into the big box of scrumptious chocolates I received as a Mother's Day gift from my son and his wife.

Yes, I can assure you those chocs really are as yummy as they look.

My sweet daughter-in-law is very creative and instead of using gift wrap for the box she wrapped it beautifully in this gorgeous vintage scarf. I've always loved chinoiserie designs so was absolutely delighted.

The scarf is in perfect condition and probably dates from the 1950s but we aren't sure. Does anyone have a more definite idea of its age?

Meanwhile, if you are wondering whether Kate ever managed to bath her fairy I think the picture below should answer your question!!