Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Knitting pattern give-away

There was total chaos at Flutterby Patch this morning. All I said was "Who'd like to pose for a photograph?" and there was a dolly stampede. After much pushing and jostling for position this was the best picture I could get.

Asking for "tall at the back and short at the front" didn't work at all. But never mind, I think this motley collection of woolly friends illustrates how many knitting patterns I have available and so it will be enough for the purpose of this post.

My idea materialised yesterday when I received a very nice email from a knitter who had used my Polly and Kate pattern to knit a dolly for her grand-daughter.

She's a fairly new knitter and wrote to say that she'd found the instructions very easy to follow and was absolutely delighted with the little character she'd created. Her dolly is now waiting to be popped into a basket as a surprise Easter gift for the lucky little grand-daughter. Isn't that a lovely idea.

It's so nice to receive emails like this as it gives me great pleasure knowing that a pattern I've spent many hours preparing has given a knitter so much satisfaction.

I know many knitters look at my dolls and presume they'll be difficult to make but nothing could be further from the truth. If you can cast on, cast off (bind off), knit and purl then you should have no problem knitting most of my patterns. Every row is numbered so that when you take a break you can remember where you stopped. I also include a great many small illustrations to assist with making up etc.

3 PATTERN GIVEAWAY - (emailed as PDF files for winners to download)
This week I've decided to do a 3 pattern give-away, in other words, 3 people will each receive an emailed pattern of their choice. To view the full range of patterns available pop over to my Dollytime Shop.

Lucy and Tilly are two of the patterns you'll find.

Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Each comment will be numbered in the order received and on Friday I will use an online 'random number generator' to choose the three lucky numbers. I will contact each winner and ask them to choose a pattern from my shop. (NB. My multi pattern 'special deals' aren't included).

So come on knitters, leave a comment before Friday and you could have a new dolly pattern to knit this weekend.

Good luck everyone.