Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Seeking Colour

The snowy interlude has been lovely and produced great pics but I now long for some warming colour.
Happily, by March our rhododendrons and azaleas will be blooming again in the garden and we can look forward to being dazzled by their vibrant shades for several months.
Until then I'll surround myself with indoor colour.
I bought this book last year and what a joy it is. '100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet' by Lesley Stanfield. If you haven't seen it do try and take a look.
Her blooms are really lifelike
The book illustrates some clever ways to use them and so I'm currently experimenting with ideas.
Meanwhile, over the weekend I gathered together a few cheery shades and wouldn't you know it......
my needles produced more little smiling faces!
Until next time