Tuesday 10 September 2013

Keep smiling

I couldn't resist buying this new book when I spotted it recently. All the postcards that Mabel Lucie Attwell created during the two world wars are illustrated inside. What a prolific artist she was.

The little knitting girl below appeared on a card in 1916 and is very typical of MLA's early work.

The knitting girls below are from the early 1940s and by then the style had changed considerably.

As Mabel Lucie Attwell grew older her daughter painted the illustrations for all the books. The two annuals below are typical of her work and date from the early 1970s. Just look at those tots dressed in 70s flowery shirt, tank top and flares! Happy days!!

Whether painted by Mabel Lucie or her daughter the sweet faces of the little children have always been favourites of mine.

I took a break from knitting this week and designed three little needle cases. On the front of each I appliqued a little girl with rosie cheeks and smiling face. No prizes for guessing where my inspiration came from.

If you'd like to take a closer look you'll find these needle cases in my Etsy sewing shop 'Flutterby Stitch'.

Thanks for popping by.
Eli x