Friday, 22 June 2012

Fairy dust and magic

I love mid-summer when evening light lingers until 11pm and there's a definite hint of magic in the air. But oh dear! The longest day was yesterday and darkness came around 9 o'clock as our summer skies were heavy with rain. So I'm glad that earlier in the week I had treated myself to some of this magical fabric. Needless to say it's become a great favourite with the playroom dolls and now everyone wants to look just like a fairy princess. And who can blame them!

Today the rain has lashed against the windows all day and spirits could have been low. But happy little Rainbow Rose raided the dressing-up box and with a crown precariously balanced on her head she proceeded to sprinkle fairy dust on several dolly volunteers. 

And then, much to everyone's delight and as if by magic, a fairy bunny suddenly appeared.

Sadly this magical moment was short-lived as the rascally bunny family joined in the fun. The fairy dust fabric was hurriedly heaped into a wool basket and wool was strewn across the floor. Quite what this game is all about no one is sure but it seems to have kept dolls and bunnies happily occupied all day and so maybe there is a bit of mid-summer magic around here after all.

Have a magical weekend wherever you are and if you are in rain-soaked Britain, do try to keep warm and dry!