Sunday, 15 January 2012

Playroom visitors

There was an unusual amount of activity in the playroom this morning. I could hear chairs being dragged across the floor, books being pulled from the bookcase and much whispering going on. When I opened the playroom door I was met by a dolly barricade.

Little faces peeked out at me from behind books and cushions and it was soon plain to see that this wasn't just a game, so I went in to investigate.

Luckily it didn't take long to discover the problem.

During the night four little monsters had made their way into the playroom and were now happily playing with the balls of wool in the dollies' knitting basket.

Luckily Kate and Tilly were not far away and being experts at catching stray fairies they wasted no time in scooping up these little rascals.

Kate netted the first little fellow and Tilly grabbed the second and soon all four were in safe hands.

The girls wasted no time in offering the visitors a cup of tea and I think they quite enjoyed it, although it's hard to tell from the expressions on their faces.

These little monsters won't be permanent residents in the playroom as they belong to my daughter and will soon be going home. She opened an Etsy shop last year selling her own knitting patterns and these little fellows are her latest designs. We both love toys and spend hours discussing our latest plans. Whilst I tend to design traditional dolls my daughter likes to experiment with new ideas.

This is Cupcake the kitten confronting two cheeky mice who are obviously very determined to guard their precious tin of salmon. You will find the patterns in her shop.

The shop listing below is my favourite . . . . 'Puppy Love'.

My daughter's shop is called Toyshelf, a name which I think suits it well as it conjures up an image of a shelf filled with an ever growing number of cute, cuddly and colourful toys. Do pop over and take a look if you enjoy making small toys.