Friday, 10 June 2011

Woolly memories

Thank you for your interesting comments on my last post. When Deborah at My Mom's Work mentioned how the smell of cherry wood brings back memories of her grandma's lovely home I was immediately transported back to my own granny's house. I used to love opening the door of her oak sideboard which had its own special aroma. Inside I knew I would find numerous knitting patterns to look at. The four dolls' clothes patterns below were part of her collection and date from the 1950s and 60s. Granny knitted endlessly and we often received surprise parcels containing all kinds of goodies, very often clothes for our dolls.

I was only very young when this sweet little Red Riding Hood doll arrived for me. She's a 15cm (6in) Roddy Doll. Her clothes are made from pure wool so inevitably moths have made a few holes in them over the years, but she brings back many happy memories of my childhood so I won't be making her a new outfit at the moment.

Meanwhile, our weather has taken a turn for the worse so the Flutterby Patch dollies are confined to the playroom once again. Fortunately Posy has taken charge and is making numerous trips to the wool shop to pick up yarn for my future knitting projects. The smaller dolls are taking turns to ride in the shopping cart and great fun is being had by all!

I hope the weekend weather will be kind to you in your part of the world.
Until next time