Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rainbow Rascals are finished

If you've popped into Flutterby Patch recently you'll have seen me doing battle with these little Rainbow Rascals. I began by telling myself I'd knit just one, then two, but eventually I made four, and here they are.

The fun part has been playing with so much colour, both yarn and fabric. I selected the fabric first and then matched the colours in the fabric to DK yarn that I had in my stash. The dolls are all made from the same basic pattern.

When I'm creating a new pattern I prefer to keep things simple so that people who have only basic knitting skills will be able to make a dolly. These little characters are VERY easy to make. If you can cast on, cast off (bind off), knit, purl and knit two stitches together then you'll be able to make a doll and her knitted clothing. The little cotton skirts require a short length of fabric so patchwork cotton remnants are ideal. Only basic sewing skills are required to make a fabric skirt.


The knitted skirts, waistcoats and fabric skirts are all easy to put on and take off and when the little dollies have decided which clothes they are going to wear they can choose a little bag to carry. The buttons are an added extra and can be omitted if a doll is being given to a baby or very young child.
You'll find the Rainbow Rascals pattern in my Etsy shop. UK knitters who would prefer to pay in pounds sterling will find it in my UK Dollytime shop.