Friday, 3 December 2010

Through the car window!

By yesterday afternoon we'd not experienced any fresh snow and as we were tired of being housebound we decided to take a trip to a nearby town. The roads were clear and the snowy hillsides made a very pretty picture.

We soon reached the motorway where driving is never pleasurable in these conditions. 

As we travelled north the skies darkened.

Clouds came down to meet the road obscuring the mountains on either side.

Thankfully we'd soon driven through the cloud and as we left the mountains behind the skies cleared and blue was visible again

In town there were Christmas decorations festooning every shop. These bright shades make a welcome change from the traditional greens and reds although I don't think I'd decorate my tree with them. 

We spent quite a while browsing but as the air grew more chill it was time to head for home.

As we drove homewards towards the setting sun the roads were quite empty.

As always, it feels good to be home.
Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are