Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cut glass and rainbows

I've always loved cut glass and treasure the few items that I own.

Who can resist chunky cut glass stoppers? 

I'm pleased to see that glass knobs are in fashion once again and as there are several beauties to choose from I decided to get some for the large wardrobe I've just finished painting. But which ones to choose?

Laura Ashley have a very nice selection.


I decided to see what was available online and came across some real beauties at The Ceramic Store. Made in the UK from heavy crystal cut glass they're available in three different sizes (30mm, 40mm and 50mm). As they were very competitively priced I placed an order and just two days later the package arrived. You can see my chosen selection below. Photographed this morning with a low sun shining through the window the room was filled with tiny dancing rainbows.........magic!

Great fun to play with and photograph I finally decided it was time to fix them in place on the newly painted wardrobe and of course they look wonderful.

If you 're looking for glass knobs and live in the UK then take a look at knobs like the ones above in The Ceramic Store.