Sunday 23 August 2009

Fly away home

Here at Flutterby Patch in England's north country the days are growing shorter and the nights are a little colder and so we think the time has come for our much travelled blog-trotting sheep to return home.

Three of our most colourful butterflies are sunning themselves in the early morning sunshine in preparation for a very long journey.

And very soon they leave their sunny spot with instructions to fly to New Zealand where Chalky, Charcoal and Rose have been visiting their cousin. Hopefully the intrepid trio will have packed their things and be ready and waiting when the butterflies arrive to collect them. No more rough sea crossings or hazardous aerial flights for our brave flock, the butterflies will carry the sheep safely back to Flutterby Patch.
And sure enough the sheep are waiting for them. After each woolly animal is firmly attached to a butterfly's harness they are ready to leave.

Chalky is the first to depart and Charcoal quickly follows.
Poor Rose is understandably nervous and closes her eyes as her butterfly ascends.

She refuses to open them during the long journey home.
The three butterflies carry the sheep over many continents and oceans before Charcoal suddenly spots a welcome sight. Descending through the clouds a familiar English landscape comes into view. A patchwork of sunny fields and shady copses. Nearly there, just a little further to go.

And then Chalky calls excitedly to the others as their much loved land of misty mountains and sparkling lakes appears over the horizon. It was good to be back safe and sound.

Welcome home Chalky, Charcoal and Rose.
Your blog-trotting adventures are over at last.
I should like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely bloggers and their sheep around the world who have invited the flutterby flock to visit them over the past few weeks. It's been great fun. 'Around the World in 10 blogs' can be found in the Flutterby Patch sidebar.
Finally a BIG THANK YOU to everyone (children included) who have avidly followed the adventures of the three woolly friends as they have journeyed round the world of blogs. Your many kind comments have been much appreciated.